15 декабря 2021 года Олег Гуров принял участие в международной конференции «AI GLOBAL DIMENSION 2021: FROM DISCUSSION TO PRACTICE».

Олег Гуров принял участие в третьей сессии AI ethics, посвященной этике в области ИИ и социогуманитарным аспектам индустрии.

Участниками стали:

◾️ Максим Федоров, ректор Научно-технического университета «Сириус»

◾️ Владимир Лепский, институт философии Российской академии наук

◾️ Дарья Дроздова, школа философии и культурологии

◾️ Андрей Незнамов, исполнительный директор Центра исследования данных для государственных органов Сбербанка

◾️ Олег Гуров, АНО «Центр развития деловых компетенций», преподаватель ИОМ РАНХИГС, ИОН РАНХИГС, МГТУ им. Н.Э.Баумана

◾️ Павел Готовцев, заместитель начальника отдела биотехнологий и биоэнергетики Национального исследовательского центра «Курчатовский институт»

◾️ Юрий Цветков, «Сколтех»

По мнению спикеров необходимо различать этику использования ИИ и этику разработки, учитывать важность научного подхода к этике в области ИИ, подняли проблему антропоморфизации ИИ в ряде стран, социогуманитарные аспекты ИИ и дальнейший ход развития научной мысли


Полная программа мероприятия представлена ниже.



MGIMO Center for AI & AI MGIMO MSc programme

Moscow, 15 December 2021

Hybrid format

  Session 1. AI international agenda: in search for balance in risk prevention and seizing opportunities  
Key issues: AI market developments are bringing new opportunities and risks to all the actors. In this regards the search for balance in risk prevention and technological development is growing in importance. Cooperation is needed to find the answers on the question on what basis stakeholders’ interests could be based; could we identify the areas where the next steps in adopting practical instruments could be implicated; how to find the balance between binding and non-binding instruments  
Moderator: Anna Abramova PhD, Director MGIMO Center for AI, Head of the Department of Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence of the ADV group at MGIMO-University,  
Sergey Nakvasin Deputy Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation — Head of the Center for Expertise for «Artificial Intelligence», Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council  
Rustam Tikhonov Director of the Department of Strategic Development and Innovations of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia (tbc)    
Vadim Glushchenko Director, Center for Global IT Cooperation   МFA (tbc)   UNCTAD (tbc)  
Kristian Bartholin Secretary to the CAHAI Head of Digital Development Unit Council of Europe  
Irakli KhodeliProgramme Specialist, Ethics of Science and Technology, Social and Human Sciences Sector,UNESCO (tbc)  
  Coffee break  
  Session 2. AI R&D drivers                              
Key issues: Development of R&D projects on the sites, current trends, new developments, interesting news, promising ideas. Free discourse and final conclusions.   Interaction between academia, development institutions and business is a factor in the success of “responsible” AI-based product development. What work is underway to develop synergies now and how participants from different sectors influence each other. Can the state promote the development of interaction between the participants? And how can the academic environment be useful to the business community, are entrepreneurs ready to take full responsibility for the development and subsequent use of AI-based products?  
Moderator:  Anastasia Ryzkova, PhD, researcher MGIMO Center for AI, senior consultant T1 Consulting Group  
Speakers :  
Ekaterina Lipova Data Protection Officer, Microsoft Rus  
Mikhail Burtsev PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Deep Learning, MIPT (tbc)  
Sergey Shumsky PhD, President of Russian Neuroinformatic association, Director of the Scientific Coordination Council of the Competence Center of the NTI «Artificial Intelligence» MIPT  
Sergey Garbuk PhD, Chairman of TC 164 «Artificial Intelligence», Director for Research Projects, National Research University Higher School of Economics  
Kirill Krinkin PhD, Director of the International Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Communications named in the name of A.S. Popov, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University  
Ivan Begtin Director, Information Culture (tbc)
  Coffee break  
  Session 3. AI ethics: from philosophy to practical instruments   Key issues: Exchange of views on the mainstream of ethics. Challenges, difficulties and successful solutions. Trends and studies in 2021. What is waiting for us tomorrow? Free discourse and final conclusions.  
Moderator:  Andrey Ignatyev MGIMO Centre for AI  
Speakers :  
Dr. Maxim Fedorov Rector of Science and Technology University «Sirius»  
Viveka Bonde Project Editor SC 42/WG3/Ethics International Organization for Standardization  
Vladimir Lepsky D.Sc., Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences  
Darya Drozdova PhD, Vice — Head of the School of philosophy and cultural studies  
Valery Karpov Research Center «Kurchatov Institute»  
Pavel Gotovcev PhD, Deputy Head of the Department of Biotechnology and Bioenergy of the National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute»   Oleg Gurov General Director of ANO «Business Competencies Center Development Center, teacher of the IOM RANEPA, ION RANEPA, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, writer  
Andrei Neznamov Executive Director of the Data Research Center for State Organs of Sberbank  
Closing Ceremony

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