Конференция AIPE 2021 (17-19 декабря 2021 года)

18 декабря 2021 года Олег Гуров принял участие в The Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Power Engineering (AIPE2021).

Тема доклада Олега Гурова: Conceptual Model of Agro-Industrial Cyborg (на английском языке).

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The Second International Conference on  Artificial Intelligence and Power Engineering (AIPE2021)

17-19 December, 2021 Moscow, Russia

AIPE2021 Conference Program

Conference Sponsors

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN)

Wuhan University

International Research Association of Modern Education and Computer Science (RAMECS)

International Center of Informatics and Computer Science (ICICS)

Polish Operational and Systems Society

Qinghai University

AIPE2021 Conference Schedule


Friday, 17 December 2021

AIPE2021 was originally scheduled to be held in Moscow during 17-19 December, 2021. The date «17 December 2021» was set as the registration day. Due to the epidemic, the conference has been changed to an online conference. Today, welcome all colleagues to discuss another forum «Artificial Intelligence and Systems Theory» by following video links – 

Part 1- https://youtu.be/hkqYUv8Ar5E Part 2- https://youtu.be/S0Ec5BeC5QQ

 Oral Session

Saturday, 18 December 2021

ID Time Title and the video link of the papers E-mail for questions to the presentation of the paper
1519 10:00-10:30 Conceptual Model of AgroIndustrial Cyborg gurov-on@ranepa.ru
1520 10:30-11:00 Cluster analysis of the loading timeseries with the aim of consistent durability estimation   gadolina@mail.ru
1528 11:00-11:30 Intellectual Biotechnical Systems in Livestock: Theoretical Aspects   geletiyd@gmail.com
1545 11:30-12:00 Intelligent Systems of Telemedicine Monitoring for Countryside and Agriculture   levelmoscow@mail.ru
1548 12:00-12:30 Neuroeconomic Modeling of Distributed Barter Systems neurocomp.pro@gmail.com
1559 14:00-14:30 The use of vegetation indices in comparison to traditional methods for assessing overwintering of grain crops in the breeding process smedia@vim.ru
1604 14:30-15:00 The Hybrid Detection Methodology of Attacks for 5G miavich@cu.edu.ge
1606 15:00-15:30 Islanding and Grid Disturbance Detection Based on MultiSVMs Delay Validation in Synchronous Dominated Microgrids chenlk@whu.edu.cn
1607 15:30-16:00 Smooth Switching Strategy for Hydropower Microgrid with Auxiliary Load Shedding Control zhangqiuping@whu.edu.cn
1608 16:00-16:30 Automatic identification technology for distribution terminals based on Unlicensed LPWAN chenlk@whu.edu.cn

 Oral Session

Sunday, 19 December 2021

ID Time Title and the video link of the papers E-mail for questions to the presentation of the paper
1609 10:00-10:30 Multimachine joint video tracking mechanism and its application for substation safety protection henry3764@foxmail.com
1610 10:30-11:00 Substation Equipment Defect Identification Method based on Mask RCNN Algorithm henry3764@foxmail.com
1613 11:00-11:30 Comprehensive evaluation method and index system for electrichydrogenstorage integrated energy network suxiaoling@qhu.edu.cn
1615 11:30-12:00 Multiobjective Optimal Scheduling for Electricity Hydrogen ESSs Integrated Network in Chongli Winter Olympics Zone 369190173@qq.com
1621 12:00-12:30 The Evaluation Index System of Electric Power Industry Supply Chain Management Based on FAHP jyzhong97@126.com
1622 14:00-14:30 Using the Morphological Approach by the Creation of Innovative Renewable Energy Sources at the Conceptual Design Stage rdl@mail.ru
1639 14:30-15:00 Automation of the monitoring in metal cutting operations as fastvariable processes using artificial intelligence methods a.spasenov@mail.ru
1649 15:00-15:30 Virtual simulation of the surgery of installing transitional implant dentures for the twostage dental implant osteointegration period tanyap.polyakova@gmail.com
1651 15:30-16:00 Methodology of a Comprehensive Assessment of the Potential of Regional Energy letter-boxnm@yandex.ru
1653 16:00-16:30 A Concept of Cloud Knowledge Portal for Intelligent Decision Support in Additive Lattice Structure Formation from Aluminum Powder vadim@dvo.ru

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